My NCLEX Story: Passing the NCLEX Against all Odds: By TK, BSN, RN

I was pregnant while attending nursing school and graduated before the birth of our son.  My pregnancy was uneventful for most part, and my husband and I were delighted to add our soon to be born son to our family. We could hardly wait for the arrival of our son and we made all the necessary preparations to welcome him.

Finally, the day arrived when I started to experience the different phases of labor. I was in labor for approximately 14 hours before the healthcare team determined that there was a complication, and I would not be able to deliver my baby by natural birth. Consequently, I was immediately prepared for cesarean birth. The surgery was successful and we had our precious baby boy.

We took our son home from the hospital and while juggling taking care of our family and trying to be a good mother to our son I decided to prepare for the NCLEX-RN examination.  I used Kaplan-RN NCLEX Review book to help me prepare for the NCLEX-RN examination.

While preparing for my NCLEX-RN examination I started to feel sick and I was eventually diagnosed with an infection which resulted in septicemia. Despite my symptoms, which were unbearable at times, I continued to prepare for my examination.

On the day that I sat my NCLEX-RN examination, I was feeling nauseated and I was also having excruciating pain in my stomach and abdomen. However, I was determined to take my examination. Despite my stomach and abdominal pain, I was able to complete my NCLEX-RN examination: My exam was stopped at 75 questions. Although, at the time I was not confident that I was successful in my examination, three days after my exam I found out that I was successful in passing my NCLEX-RN examination on the first attempt. Therefore, I highly recommend Kaplan-RN Review book to anyone who is preparing to take the NCLEX-RN examination.

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  1. TK, thank you for sharing your personal NCLEX story. We appreciate your contribution to the work of sending the message to Nursing students that passing the NCLEX is possibe despite the challenges that each person may face. Thanks again.


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