One of the Mistakes that Some Nursing Students Make: By Joy Seymour, MSN, RN, PHN

Nursing programs can be challenging and rigorous. Therefore, nontraditional nursing students may find it difficult to have personal life, work, and school effectiveness. Some nontraditional nursing students work fulltime and attend nursing school fulltime while taking care of their families, which include young children. At times, it is hard for these students to see the rationale of adding studying for the NCLEX exam on their already full plate. Some nursing students make the mistake of focusing only on the course assignments and delay studying for the NCLEX exam until close to graduation or after they graduate.

Putting off studying for the NCLEX exam may be one of the biggest mistakes that some nursing students make.  Because some students do not usually go to nursing schools knowing how to answer NCLEX type questions, it is imperative that they study the context and content of the study materials and learn strategies on how to accurately answer NCLEX questions.

Many nursing programs integrate NCLEX resources such as ATI, UWorld, and Kaplan into their curriculum; however, some nursing students fail to fully utilize these resources, so that they can become proficient in answering NCLEX type questions. Despite encouragement by faculty to help motivate students to study for the NCLEX exam, some students sabotage themselves by not studying for the NCLEX exam; consequently, some of these students fail the NCLEX exam on the first attempt and others on the second and third attempts.

It is vital for nursing students to utilize all the available resources that they have purchased to help prepare then for the NCLEX exam from the first semester of nursing school. Some students only study and work on course related assignments, which are insufficient at times in preparing them for the NCLEX exam. Preparing early for the NCLEX exam is one of the best gifts that nursing students can give themselves.

If you are a nursing student and you had neglected to utilize the NCLEX resources in your first semester, I would encourage you to start using the resources now.  You may have to put more hours in to prepare for your NCLEX exam; however, it is possible that with preparation you may still pass your NCLEX exam on the first attempt.

Place studying for your NCLEX  exam on your weekly or daily schedule. I believe that you are more likely to be successful in passing your NCLEX exam with thorough preparation.

I wish you tremendous success.

2 thoughts on “One of the Mistakes that Some Nursing Students Make: By Joy Seymour, MSN, RN, PHN

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  1. Thank you Mrs seymour .You not only a Teacher,you are my guide,my mentor.I will always be thankful to you! For your love,commitment ,Patience,support, encouragement ,passion name them !! God bless you Joy .

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