It takes Hard Work to Complete Nursing Programs

We live in an era where many students need to work while they attend college, and nursing students are not exempt from this reality. Many nursing students work full-time while attending nursing schools and many of them are successful in completing their nursing programs. However, there are also some students who failed out of nursing... Continue Reading →

Prioritizing Time During Crisis

Since February of this year, this country has been dealing with COVID-19 which intensified in March, and to compound a difficult period the recent racial unrest that we are experiencing in this country has increased this stressful period. As a recent graduate nurse, how do you prioritize time, during this troublesome period? Please see suggestions... Continue Reading →

My NCLEX Story By: Mayeisha Cook, LPN

My NCLEX story began November 2018 at the Practical Nursing Orientation session. At the Orientation, I was advised to purchase the blue Kaplan NCLEX-PN Prep and strategies 2018 on Amazon, so I did and found myself reading it in my spare time. By January 2019, the first semester of the Nursing Program started and I... Continue Reading →

My NCLEX Story: By Angela Hesse, LPN

After completing the Practical Nursing (PN) program at Saint Paul College, I was able to take the NCLEX-PN examination with confidence. I took the examination within two weeks of graduation and was successful on the first attempt. Throughout the PN program I listened to the guidance of the instructors and I was engaged during lectures... Continue Reading →

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