It takes Hard Work to Complete Nursing Programs: By Joy Seymour, MSN, RN, PHN

We live in an era where many students need to work while they attend college, and nursing students are not exempt from this reality. Many nursing students work full-time while attending nursing schools and many of them are successful in completing their nursing programs. However, there are also some students who failed out of nursing schools because they did not have sufficient time to study and compete their assignments.

Nursing programs are very rigorous and require students to spend adequate time studying and completing assignments. It takes hard work and discipline to successfully complete nursing programs. Although nursing programs are challenging, students can successfully complete them. If students are committed to their program of study and have sufficient time to study and complete assignments, they can be a nurse from one to four years if they have already completed the required prerequisites for their programs of choice.

A study plan is essential for successfully completing nursing programs. It is recommended that nursing students plan out their personal, work, and school life, so that they can be successful in completing their nursing programs. As they experience changes in their lives, they will need to review and modify their study plan.

It is imperative that nursing students try to keep up with the assigned readings and assignments in their courses. If students fall behind, it is essential that they communicate with their instructors and asked for extended time. It can be more difficult for nursing students who fall behind because each course has a number of assignments and assessments that faculty integrated into each course to help students to learn and apply nursing concepts.

Based on my own experience in nursing school, I would encourage students to work part-time instead of full-time if they can afford to do so. Also, if students can afford not to work while pursing nursing programs, they would have more time to study and complete required assignments.

Overall, nursing programs require students to complete a large volume of reading materials, expect students to be flexible while attending clinical rotations (i.e., students may be placed on day or evening shifts and some may be placed on night shifts), and have adequate time to study and complete assignments. Therefore, nursing students need to ensure that they have adequate time to keep up with the demands of nursing programs.

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