My NCLEX Story By: Mayeisha Cook, LPN

My NCLEX story began November 2018 at the Practical Nursing Orientation session. At the Orientation, I was advised to purchase the blue Kaplan NCLEX-PN Prep and strategies 2018 on Amazon, so I did and found myself reading it in my spare time. By January 2019, the first semester of the Nursing Program started and I put the book away and began studying course work.

Overtime, I would practice questions from my NCLEX prep books, and when the summer approached, I made a plan to not abandon ATI practice assessments.

Before I knew it, semester two had begun. While studying course work for this semester, I  continue to practice test questions and strategies.  During the semester,  NCLEX Lunch and Learn  sessions became available and I was sure to attend as many sessions as possible.

At the NCLEX Lunch and Learn sessions,  I learned about Pharmacology,  Medical-Surgical Nursing, and how to answer test questions by effectively using test strategies.

As my pinning date slowly approached, I started my background check process with the Board of Nursing. When that was done, I then moved on to register at Pearson Vue:  Registering to take my NCLEX-PN  exam way early was a big advantage for me, and not having to  wait last minute to register.

After registering for the NCLEX-PN exam,  I continued to study. The Pinning Ceremony came and went and I told myself “I was ready”. Ready to pass the NCLEX -PN exam on my first try, as I knew I could, due to knowledge, materials, motivation, and preparation from my school.

I scheduled my NCLEX-PN exam two weeks after I registered to take the exam. I then studied each day and showed up to test. A week and a half after my December Pinning Ceremony date, I was ready to start my New year off as a newly Licensed Practical Nurse.

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