Study Schedule

It is imperative that nursing students are intentional in creating individualized study schedules that take into consideration all aspects of their lives. Therefore, their personal, work, and school life must be included in the study schedule. When creating a study plan, ensure that an appropriate space for studying is selected. Your space should be selected based on your preferences. Some people like to study in solitude while some people like to study with some form of white noise in the background. Please remember that this space is for you, so make it yours.

Create your study plan and adhere to it even when you do not feel like studying. You must be disciplined in all you do, and following your schedule will help you complete tasks even when you do not feel like doing them. It is recommended that you study two to three hours weekly for every one credit of coursework. Therefore, if you are studying a three-credit course you would study six to nine hours weekly. See an example of a study plan below:

Study Plan

 Time Activities
 5:30 Wake up
 6:00 Breakfast
 7:30 Drop children at daycare
 8:00 -2:30 Attend classes
 3:00 Pick up children from daycare
 4:00 -5:00  Prepare supper
 5:00 – 7:00  Supper and family time
7:00 – 8:00 Prepare children for bed
8:00 – 10:00Study time
10:00 Bed time

When you are off from school, utilize that time for studying. If you work and go to school, on days that you do work, use those days to study. Also, your study plan will differ from the example above if you work.

While you are studying, work on the more complex topic first. The topic requiring more critical thinking, nursing judgment, and research should be attempted while you have the most energy. After you have completed the more complex issue, you may be more motivated to complete the less complicated topics.

If you are off from school this semester, you should still be working on reading textbooks related to your courses and practicing NCLEX-type questions daily. Remember that successful completion of nursing school is only possible with preparation.

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